Michal Babinec | Cinematographer | project motherhood
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project motherhood

Lea always wanted to have kids, she felt that the birth of her son Elias would make her complete. But the reality of the first months with the newborn is nothing like she expected. She is exhausted, sleep deprived and feels trapped in a never ending cycle of breastfeeding, changing nappies and putting the baby to sleep. Everyone else seem to be coping well but she struggles to be happy. Is she a bad mom?


Written and directed by: Lea Hanzelová & Michal Babinec

Produced by: Lea Hanzelová & Michal Babinec

Coproducers: Cristina Hergueta & Tasio

Editors: Daniel Paz Mireles & Aura Tampoa Lizardo

Sound designer: Quino Piñero

Colorist: Andrés Lopetegui

Shot on Bolex H16 + Kern-Paillard lenses


*Zinebi 2021 – International Short Film Competition
*Cineast 2021 – Short Documentary Film Marathon
*Camerimage 2018 – Talent Demo