Michal Babinec | Cinematographer | La Mala Familia
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La Mala Familia

A group of friends who have not been able to see each other for some time, take advantage of Andresito’s prison leave to meet again and enjoy a hot summer day in the outskirts of Madrid. As the sun goes down, they will have to face a problem from the past that threatens to put them all in jail.


Directed by BRBR (Nacho A. Villar & Luis Rojo)

Written by Nacho A. Villar, Raúl Liarte, Luis Rojo
Produced by Tasio, Blur, Iconica, Birth

Executive producers: Tasio, Mario Fornies, José Nolla, Hugo Legrand Nathan

Cinematographer: Michal Babinec

Production design: Carmen Main

Production Sound Mixer: Alberto Pacheco

Editor: Sergio Jiménez, Ángela Gadea Mata, Mayra Moran

Sound design: Jorge Alarcon

Music: Olivier Arson

Colorist: Andrés Lopetegui


Shot on Canon C700 & C300 + Cooke Varotal Zooms + Schneider Xenon Vintage
Additional footage shot on Alexa Mini + Zeiss Super Speeds + Angenieux HR 25-250mm


Festival de Sevilla 2022, New Waves (World Premiere)

IFFR 2023, Bright Future (International Premiere)

Margenes 2022 (Spanish Premiere), Honorary Mention